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Our History

About Art Optical

Charles J. Anastor

Founder 1931-1967

Thomas E. Anastor

President 1967-2013

Jill M. Anastor

President 2013-Present


Founded in 1931 by Charles J. Anastor, Art Optical began as an ophthalmic lens manufacturer. In 1958 we began manufacturing rigid contact lenses and have remained focused exclusively on custom contact lens design and production since. Charles’ son, Thomas, bought the company in 1962, and the business remains family owned and operated.

Since moving to our current location, we have undergone three expansions to accommodate new technology and growth. Today, Art Optical’s lab, manufacturing facility and offices occupy more than 36,000 square feet and employ nearly 60 people. 65 years after our first contact lens, the goal at Art Optical is the same today as when it was founded – improving the lives of practitioners and their patients around the world by providing consistently remarkable service and exceptional quality customized lenses. As you browse our site, you’ll find the most extensive line of specialty lenses available anywhere – offered in both GP and soft modalities. We maintain the highest manufacturing standards and strive to lead the industry in innovative product design.

years in business
years of collective specialty lens experience
4.7 Million
patients served (& counting)

& Lenses

Our highly successful signature multifocal design, Renovation, is the nation’s leading GP multifocal. Within our comprehensive line of presbyopic lens choices, practitioners will find a customizable design to accommodate almost any presbyopic patient. Because we offer more design options and more multifocal fitting experience than any lab in the country, teaming with us on these demanding fits improves your success and insures patient satisfaction.

As scleral lenses have enjoyed an exciting revival over the past few years, Art Optical’s Ampleye scleral lens has quickly become the go-to choice for beginning scleral lens fitters for its simplicity, and the first choice of advanced fitters for its versatility and exceptional performance. Ampleye is a fully vaulting, 4-zone design with unique features including a toric haptic, Spline Science Technology for independent zone control, and HydroLock for soothing moisture retention. Supported by an efficient 9-lens fitting set appropriate for both oblate and prolate corneas, Ampleye offers improved first-fit success, a simplified approach to irregular cornea management, as well as excellent patient acuity and comfort. Ampleye is also indicated for the effective management of dry eye and ocular surface disease.

While GP lenses have always been our passion, for those patients who require customized parameters in a soft lens, we proudly feature our Intelliwave PRO line of precise prescription lathe-cut soft lenses. Featuring advanced Free Form Stabilization technology, Intelliwave PRO lenses settle quickly and remain stable to provide crisp, clear vision for patients with Rx needs that fall outside of standard box parameters. High cylinders, extreme powers, a wide range of diameters, base curves, and design and material options, allow us to create a lens for virtually anyone!

Thanks to new manufacturing technology and ever-advancing lens materials, today’s custom lenses are better than ever, and becoming the lens of choice for progressive practitioners interested in personalizing patient care and retaining control of their contact lens practice. At Art Optical, we are committed to investing in the programs, processes and products that will help your specialty practice meet the increasingly challenging demands of today’s vision care patients.

With appreciation to our loyal customers for their friendship & support, we thank you for visiting us and look forward to working with you soon!

The goal at Art Optical is the same today as when it was founded – improving the lives of practitioners and their patients around the world by providing consistently remarkable service and exceptional quality customized lenses.

Quality and ISO

The International Organization for Standardization, also known as ISO, is an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations. ISO 13485 is a standard that represents the requirements for a comprehensive management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices. The Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) is to evaluate compliance with the quality management system requirements of regulatory agencies in multiple major medical device markets, including the U.S., Canada, Japan, Brazil, and Australia. The MDSAP is designed to meet the requirements of ISO 13485 plus additional processes to address specific requirements of the participating MDSAP regulatory authorities.

Art Optical was the first exclusive GP manufacturer in the United States to receive ISO registration and now is the first to achieve this with MDSAP.

We have always had an outstanding quality system and achieving ISO compliance has had an additional positive impact on all areas of the company. Through the extensive audit process, the certification has standardized, enhanced our quality systems and production processes, and prepared us for global expansion in our licensing and distribution businesses.