Celebrating 60

About Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc.

Founded in 1931, Art Optical began as an ophthalmic lens manufacturer. In 1958 we began manufacturing rigid contact lenses and have remained focused exclusively on custom contact lens design and production since. As the longest-running custom contact lens laboratory in operation today, we aggressively pursue new technology, we continue to experience exciting growth, and we are proud to remain INDEPENDENT and family owned.

Since moving to our current location, we have undergone three expansions to accommodate new technology and growth. Today, Art Optical’s lab, manufacturing facility and offices occupy more than 36,000 square feet and employ nearly 80 people. 60 years after our first contact lens, the goal at Art Optical is the same today as when it was founded – improving the lives of practitioners and their patients around the world by providing consistently remarkable service and exceptional quality customized lenses.

Art Optical maintains the highest manufacturing standards and strives to lead the industry in innovative product design. Our highly successful signature presbyopic design, Renovation®, is the nation’s leading GP multifocal, and within our extensive line of high performance specialty lens options, practitioners will find a customizable design to accommodate almost any patient. 

Ampleye® is our fully vaulting, 4-zone scleral lens design that has taken the country by storm! Incorporating unique features such as a toric haptic periphery for accurate diagnostic fitting, Spline Science Technology for independent zone control, and HydroLock for soothing moisture retention, Ampleye quickly became the go-to scleral lens for specialty fitters and general practitioners alike. Supported by an efficient 9-lens fitting set appropriate for both oblate and prolate corneas, Ampleye offers improved first-fit success, a simplified approach to irregular cornea management, and excellent patient acuity and comfort. Ampleye is also one of the few scleral lens designs to be FDA indicated for the management of dry-eye and ocular surface disease.

Other leading brands offered:
ROSE K® family of lens products - including new ROSE K Soft custom silicone hydrogel lenses.
KeraSoft silicone hydrogel lenses for all stages of Keratoconus and a wide range of irregular corneal conditions. 
Intelliwave® Precise Prescription lathe-cut soft lenses in virtually unlimited parameters for patients with unique Rx’s.
Access our full product portfolio & advanced fitting resources at www.artoptical.com 

With new manufacturing technology and advanced lens materials, today’s custom lenses are better than ever, and becoming the lens of choice for progressive practitioners interested in personalizing patient care and retaining control of their contact lens practice. At Art Optical, we are committed to investing in the programs, processes and products that will help your specialty practice meet the increasingly challenging demands of today’s vision care patients.

“Celebrating 60 at GSLS Las Vegas!”
January 25-27, 2018


Celebrating 60 Luncheon @ Art Optical
April 25, 2018


AOCLE - San Antonio, TX
May 31 - June 3, 2018
Erik Anderson and Mike Johnson, FCLSA, flash back to 1958 with some trivia during their presentation.


GLEC - Grand Rapids, MI
May 31 - June 1, 2018
Congratulations to Martha and Rene for winning our "Celebrating 60" contest at the Great Lakes Eyecare Conference!