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Presbyopic Options

Boston MultiVision®

The Boston MultiVision is manufactured in Boston ES material for early to moderate presbyopic patients. The Boston MultiVision lens provides crisp, clear vision at near, intermediate and far distances along with excellent long term comfort.

The Boston MultiVision uses an alignment fitting philosophy with an elliptical fitting curve and a single diameter to minimize fitting variables. The back surface provides an add value of approximately +1.50 with additional add power generated on the front surface in +0.50 increments to a combined maximum add power of +3.00. 

The Boston MultiVision is ideal for:

  • Early presbyopic patients who need a nominal add power up to +3.00D

Fitting Support


Boston MultiVision Fitting Card

A 2-page reference sheet providing basic fitting guidance for the Boston Mulivision GP lens.

Correction of Presbyopia with GP Contact Lenses

A booklet to demonstrate the ease with which GP Multifocals can be fit and managed.  Published by the Centre for Contact lens Research at the School of Optometry, University of Waterloo, Canada.

A New GP Multifocal for the Emerging Presbyope

A 4-page article authored by Craig W. Norman, FCLSA, for Contact Lens Spectrum. Published in October, 1997.