Specialty GP Lenses

Scleral Lens Options


A fully vaulting GP scleral lens offering independent zone adjustments for finite control of the complete fit.

Rose K2™ XL

A semi-scleral lens option offering a systematic approach to fitting all corneal shapes, sizes and stages of keratoconus.

SoClear® Family

Corneal-scleral contact lens offering clear, comfortable, healthy vision.

Presbyopic Options

Renovation® Multifocal

Flexible control of front surface distance and near zones provides a full range of vision for all presbyopic patients.

EXPERT Progressive

A GP progressive contact lens in a segmented design featuring patented slab off technology.


A center-distance, simultaneous vision multifocal GP for the near-vision needs of advanced presbyopes.

Bi expert®

The Bi expert GP bifocal is a segmented design featuring patented slab off technology for a 360° uniform thin edge.


A Post-LASIK presbyopic lens featuring front CN technology and multifocal optics for crystal clear simultaneous vision.

SoClear® Progressive

A multifocal lens that combines the best attributes of soft and GP multifocal lenses in one.

MagniClear® and MagniClear plus®

The first generation of front surface presbyopic design technology.

Boston MultiVision®

Provides crisp, clear vision at near, intermediate and far distances along with excellent long term comfort.

One Piece Bifocal

A traditional segmented, prism ballasted, translating GP bifocal offered in a variety of materials.

Special Lens Options

Rose K2™ Family

A systematic approach to fitting all corneal shapes, sizes and stages of keratoconus.

ACE (Art Custom Eccentric)

A customizable aspheric back surface lens design with multiple applications

AKS (Art Keratoconic System®)

A simplified approach to keratoconic lens fitting through adaptive design and optical zone control.

Paragon CRT®

The Gold Standard of Orthokeratology

GP Torics

A full range of lens options for your astigmatic patients.

Reverse Geometry Custom GP’s

Custom designed reverse peripheries to address post surgical applications for LASIK and RK.


Contact lens for color deficiency.

Single Vision Options


Ultra thin single vision GP lens design.


Enhanced comfort through edge lift control.


An updated version of the Polycon II design.