Presbyopic Options

Renovation® Multifocal

Flexible control of front surface distance and near zones provides a full range of vision for all presbyopic patients.

EXPERT Progressive

A GP progressive contact lens in a segmented design featuring patented slab off technology.


A center-distance, simultaneous vision multifocal GP for the near-vision needs of advanced presbyopes.

Bi expert®

The Bi expert GP bifocal is a segmented design featuring patented slab off technology for a 360° uniform thin edge.


A Post-LASIK presbyopic lens featuring front CN technology and multifocal optics for crystal clear simultaneous vision.

SoClear® Progressive

A multifocal lens that combines the best attributes of soft and GP multifocal lenses in one.

MagniClear® and MagniClear plus®

The first generation of front surface presbyopic design technology.

Boston MultiVision®

Provides crisp, clear vision at near, intermediate and far distances along with excellent long term comfort.

One Piece Bifocal

A traditional segmented, prism ballasted, translating GP bifocal offered in a variety of materials.