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Myopia Management Educational Webinar Series

Session 1 – November 8 | 7:00 pm EST
Improving the Myopia Controlling Effect in Ortho-K Treatment
Findings out of the world-famous Hong Kong Polytechnic have shown that smaller optical zones produce a stronger myopia control signal than conventional OZ orthokeratology lenses. This talk will review the VOLTZ study results and demonstrate that same technology in a modern myopia management lens design, as well as introduce the novel platform that designs and supports this next generation of ortho-k lens.

Session 2 – November 28 | 7:00 pm EST
Using the MOONLENS® and KATTCloud™ Platform for Automated and Efficient Myopia Management
The MOONLENS is a highly customized orthokeratology product that isn’t simply a lens but a systematic approach to treatment. This webinar will explain how the corneal topographer can be linked to the KATTCloud Platform to automate lens construction, order processing, fit optimization and more. Practitioners will learn how to use MOONLENS and the KATTCloud Platform synergistically for automated, efficient, and accurate ortho-k practice.

Session 3 – December 5 | 7:00 pm EST
Utilizing Technology to Boost First Fit Success with MOONLENS®
The MOONLENS uses the new KATTCloud Platform as an essential tool to design, order, optimize and manage orthokeratology patients throughout treatment. For practitioners without a direct link to the platform, this course will provide instruction on how to capture the best possible maps as well as how to collect the required data. Attendees will learn to use the KATTCloud Platform and build a highly customized MOONLENS for each unique eye. Additionally, the course will review how to optimize the fit using the automation in the platform to fine tune MOONLENS parameters to achieve the best possible outcomes for your patients.