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Nov 23, 2009

Art Optical Among Top Labs in the U.S.

Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc. has been named as a recipient of the prestigious Seal of Manufacturing Excellence Award for the years 2010-2012. The Contact Lens Manufacturer’s Association (CLMA) recently released the results of their annual field test for GP contact lenses and recognized Art Optical for the 16th straight year. According to the program test results, Art Optical products were placed in the top tier of the quality category. “Earning the Seal of Excellence Award is a fitting tribute to the dedication of our skilled manufacturing technicians and it continues to affirm the effectiveness of our quality management system,” said Jill M. Anastor, Vice-President of Operations at Art Optical.

The Seal of Excellence is only awarded to CLMA member laboratories that pass an independent evaluation of GP lens quality. The voluntary program has GP lenses ordered anonymously by practitioners and tested for eight different criteria by an independent panel of experts in a double blind study. Art Optical is proud to have earned the Seal of Excellence award each year since its inception in 1994.

According to Mike Johnson, FCLSA, Director of Consultation Services at Art Optical, the company’s quality focus is driven first and foremost by the desire to exceed patient and practitioner expectations with each and every custom lens produced. “Receiving the Seal of Excellence award is an honor,” notes Johnson. “But the real validation of our lens quality is repeat business. Our loyal practitioner base and the growth of our signature GP lens designs really tell the story,” he continued.

Established in 1931, Art Optical is the nation’s leading independent producer of custom-manufactured GP lenses.

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Art Optical
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