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Feb 3, 2010

New Presbyopic Design to SoClear Corneal-Scleral GP Lens Family

As an authorized manufacturing and distribution partner of the patented SoClear Corneal Scleral lens design from Dakota Sciences; Art Optical has just introduced a presbyopic option to the successful large diameter platform.

SoClear Progressive is a center-near multifocal option featuring customizable add powers and zone sizes. By reducing lid interaction, the revolutionary design combines the comfort characteristics of a soft lens with the optical quality of a GP lens. SoClear Progressive is intended for presbyopic patients with standard corneas who seek a reliable, high-performance alternative to reading glasses and those who wish to remain in contact lenses through their presbyopic years.

Also available in Standard and Aspherical Cone design options, optimum success with the SoClear design is achieved through the use of diagnostic fitting sets. The Standard SoClear is a design well-suited for the correction of irregular corneas, astigmatism, oval Keratoconus, PMD, and corneal ectasia. The design also lends itself well to more mainstream applications including the correction of standard refractive errors, as an option for dry-eye patients, or an extremely stable, high-performance sports lens. The SoClear Progressive is fit by using the standard diagnostic set and simply specifying the spectacle add. For cases of nipple or advanced oval Keratoconus, the Aspherical Cone set is a recommended starting point but is not available in the presbyopic option at this time.

Art Optical manufactures the SoClear family of lenses exclusively in Boston® XO and Boston XO2® materials within 24-hours of order. SoClear lenses can be purchased with a risk-free warranty that provides two refits per eye and full cancellation privileges. The inherent centration and stabilization characteristics of the platform, along with the breadth of applications afforded, make SoClear lens technology an essential tool for every practitioner’s arsenal.

For more information on the SoClear Progressive design or the SoClear lens family, contact Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc. at 800-253-9364 or visit

About Art Optical: Established in 1931, Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc. specializes in custom contact lenses made to exacting standards for the correction of refractive errors including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia, as well as custom contact lenses by practitioner prescription for pediatric patients, and those with post corneal trauma, pathological concerns, and ocular disease.

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