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Feb 20, 2009

New Thinsite 2 Ultra-Thin GP Lens Design is Now Available!

Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc. has just released Thinsite®2, a new and improved version of their most popular thin lens design, Thinsite®. With the introduction of Thinsite2, the company hopes to build on the success of the original Thinsite design, which has received high acclaim for comfort, convenience and performance from practitioners and patients.

Utilizing patented lathing techniques and advanced mathematical concepts, Art Optical has made it possible to craft a thinner overall lens profile that reduces lens mass and increases oxygen transmissibility while maintaining lens stability. Combined with the hyper-Dk permeability of Boston®XO2 material, Thinsite2 lenses epitomize healthy lens wear, especially for patients with extreme cases of myopia and hyperopia. The ultra-thin and light lens profile also aids in lens centration. By eliminating stress points, Thinsite2 is less prone to lens flexure than other ultra-thin designs, even in lower powered lens parameters. Junctionless front surface technology reduces lens awareness and lid interaction to promote easier, faster adaptation for all patients.

Like the original design, Thinsite2 is an ultra-thin, yet extremely durable, GP lens capable of fitting up to 95% of contact lens patients. Manufactured exclusively by Art Optical in Boston XO2 material, Thinsite2 is available in parameters to fit the vast majority of patients. For additional information on Thinsite2, visit or contact the Art Optical Customer Care or Consultation team at 800-253-9364.

Established in 1931, Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc. specializes in custom contact lenses made to exacting standards for the correction of refractive errors including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia, as well as custom contact lenses by practitioner prescription for pediatric patients, and those with post corneal trauma, pathological concerns, and ocular disease.

For additional information, contact:
Mindy Spicer, Director of Marketing & Communications

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