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Jan 16, 2008

SoClear Lens Technology Licensed to Art Optical

Dakota Sciences and Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc. have entered into an exclusive agreement allowing Art Optical to manufacture and distribute the patented SoClear Lens Technology throughout North America.

Based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Dakota Sciences has a full-service spectacle lens facility focused on serving the Midwest with precision production and rapid turnaround. The SoClear Contact Lens processing facility was established in 2005 to develop and optimize the patented SoClear Lens Technology. After a year of R&D, the product was launched with much success in 2006 and has since achieved approximately a 40% market share in the large diameter GP lens category. Art Optical, one of the premier custom contact lens makers in the world, is excited about empowering this dramatic growth by introducing the technology to their established base of corneal specialists.

The patented SoClear Lens is a larger diameter GP that when coupled with advanced GP materials, delivers both comfort and excellent visual acuity. The straightforward dual control fitting philosophy involves a base curve that is fit traditionally with peripheral curve alignment/touch on a small portion of the sclera. The result is a lens that offers optimum centration and extreme stability and delivers clear, comfortable, healthy vision.

The SoClear Lens Technology has exceeded the expectations of Dakota Sciences. Due to inherent centration and stabilization characteristics of the platform, excellent results have been achieved in corneal transplant and post-refractive surgery patients, as well as those with irregular corneal conditions such as Keratoconus and Pellucid Marginal Degeneration. More mainstream applications include use for the correction of standard refractive errors and presbyopia, or as a dry-eye lens, or an extremely stable, high-performance sports lens. The breadth of applications helps make the SoClear Lens Technology an essential tool in every practitioner’s arsenal.

Art Optical will manufacture the lens exclusively in Boston XO2 material and will feature the SoClear Lens Technology at the Global Keratoconus Congress being held in Las Vegas, NV on January 26-28.

For additional information, contact:
Mindy Spicer, Director of Marketing & Communications

Art Optical
3175 3 Mile Road
Grand Rapids, MI 49501-1848

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