Introducing GP Lenses Into Your Practice

GP contact lenses are a great option for patients who want clear and healthy vision! For those with astigmatism and presbyopia firmer GP lenses tend to provide clearer, crisper vision than soft lenses. And, for patients with keratoconus this may be their only option for clear vision. Consider corneal reshaping as a viable alternative to refractive surgery.

An ongoing marketing strategy is necessary to grow your practice’s contact lens services. Begin by letting all of your current patients know about the lenses you offer. At Art Optical we have many in-office brochures available at no charge to help you introduce and market GP lenses in your practice.

Everyone in the practice has to be aware of the contact lens services offered and deliver a consistent message to the patient. Check out the office resources section where you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, a glossary of terminology and tips on lens care and handling. Use the practitioner and staff Presenting Presbyopic Options cards as a means of delivering a professional message to the patient.

It’s important to deliver a continual and focused message about your contact lens specialty. Reinforce your services by adding a message on:

  • Recall cards 
  • Monthly statements 
  • On-hold message

Make it easy for patients to find you when they are looking in the yellow pages or surfing the web. Use this opportunity to prominently display specialty fitting services such as bifocal and corneal reshaping lenses. To deliver generic contact lens information consider linking to: or

Patient referrals are the best and least expensive advertising available. If you ask, your patients will be happy to share their success with their friends, family and co-workers.

Finally, build your practice by using the quality signature GP lens products offered from Art Optical.