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Fast Focus, Fine Tuned Custom Soft Contact Lens For All Prescriptions

Intelliwave PRO's unique design utilizes freeform stabilization. The lens design is available in sphere, toric, multifocal, and multifocal toric. The flexible multifocal system combines center-near and center-distance designs with additional options to optimize vision for the dominate eye.

Intended for:

  • Patients whose prescription parameters are outside the range of standard soft lenses
  • GP intolerance
  • Completely customizable options (base curve, diameter, power, ct) of a soft lens

  • Design: Aspheric, Toric, CN & CD Multifocal
  • Base Curves: 7.8 - 9.5mm (.10 steps)
  • Powers: +/- 20.00 D
  • Diameters: 13.0 - 15.5mm (.10 steps)
  • Cyl: to -12.00
  • Axis: 1° - 180° (1° steps)
  • Add: +0.50 to +4.00

*additional, extended parameters are approved in the Definitive sihy material

Intelliwave PRO lenses can be ordered from the following parameters:

  • Keratometer readings
  • Spectacle refraction
  • Horizontal Visible Iris Diameter
  • Add requirement (for multifocal)
  • Dominant eye (for multifocal)

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Peripheral Balancing Zones

Freeform stabilization utilizes Peripheral Balancing Zones (PBZ) that interact with the top and bottom lid. This interaction creates stabilizing forces which allow for rapid lens positioning and focus.

PBZ advantages:

  • Rapid settling and focus
  • Stable vision through shifts in gaze
  • Doesn't mislocate during wear
  • Stability maintained when head is tilted
  • Reduced overall thickness
  • Increased comfort


Design & Technology

Award-winning wavefront technology

The Intelliwave Pro design incorporates award-winning (Queen's Award for Enterprise) wavefront technology:

  • Aberration control for clearer vision in all conditions, at all distances
  • Enhanced vision in low-light conditions
  • Enhanced contrast sensitivity
  • Empirical fitting method to eliminate trial set investment
  • A wide range of MTO parameters for the precise prescriptions your patients require

Supplemental Products


Soft Lens Removers

This device removes soft lenses by gently pinching the lens off the eye. Not intended for gas permeable lens removal.

Sold individually.