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Simultaneous Vision GP Multifocal!

mPower! is a front surface center distance simultaneous vision GP multifocal developed for the advanced presbyopes requiring additional near-vision needs. mPower! uses multiple front-surface power zones with minimal base curve eccentricity without compromising distance VA or corneal molding concerns. The simultaneous power of the mPower! GP multifocal ensures effortless and translation-free accommodation.

Intended for:

  • Presbyopes unable to achieve adequate near power effect.
  • Presbyopes experiencing corneal molding issues.

R1617 - mPower! Diagnostic Lens Set (Optimum Classic)

Diagnostic 10 lens mPower! set with wet case.
INCLUDES: Base Curves: 8.10-7.20; Diameter: 9.50; Power: -3.00; Add Power: +2.50

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mPower! Multifocal design

  • Simultaneous power effect. No translation required to achieve maximum distance and near acuity.
  • Front surface multi zone power/eccentricity supports extremely high adds.
  • Controllable first front zone to adjust for pupil diameter and distance/near clarity.
  • A low eccentricity base curve to minimize corneal molding issues.