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KeraSoft Thin is a completely customizable soft lens design for healthy management of Keratoconus and most Irregular Cornea conditions. Made exclusively in the Definitive Silicone Hydrogel 74% water content material, this lens is for quarterly replacement.

A Diagnostic 8-lens Fitting Set is essential to the fitting process of the KeraSoft Thin lens. Although various instruments can be used to understand the central corneal shape, they give limited information relating to the cornea scleral junction and beyond. Thus, it is not possible to fit the lens empirically from topography maps or other measurements.

A successful fitting KeraSoft Thin lens is based on observing the characteristics of the lens behavior on eye using the MoRoCCo VA technique; Movement, Rotation, Centration, Comfort and Visual Acuity. All of these characteristics are related to each other and have EQUAL importance when assessing the fit on an irregular cornea.

Intended for:

  • All stages of Keratoconus
  • Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
  • Post Corneal Surgery
  • Post LASIK Ectasia
  • Natural Ectasia

  • Base Curves: 7.40 to 9.40mm
  • Diameters: 14.0 , 14.50 & 15.00mm
  • Powers: +/- 30.00 D
  • Cyl: -0.50 to -15.00
  • Axis: 1° - 180° (1° steps)
  • Peripheries: FLT4 to FLT STD STP1 to STP4
  • SMC: up to 2 sectors

When ordering KeraSoft Thin, please provide the following:

  • Base Curve
  • Diameter
  • Periphery (STD, STP or FLT)
  • Power of Fitting Lens
  • Over refraction
  • BVD of all lenses (including all cylinder lenses)
  • Laser mark rotation and direction

R1646 - Kerasoft Thin Diagnostic Fitting Set

8 KeraSoft Thin Dx Lenses with 14.5 mm diameter, .25 CT and PLANO powers.
Base curves of 7.80-8.80 mm with standard periphery as well as 8.20 mm BC with FLT2 periphery and 8.60 mm BC with STP2 periphery. Manufactured in Definitive SiHy (Efrofilcon A) blue, shipped in vials with storage case and fitting instructions.

Need more help? Contact our consultants who are available to answer your questions. We can help with any custom contact lens fitting scenario.

Supplemental Products


Soft Lens Removers

This device removes soft lenses by gently pinching the lens off the eye. Not intended for gas permeable lens removal.

Sold individually.