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Mar 7, 2019

Ampleye Initial Rx Lens Calculator Now Available Online!

To accompany the broad suite of fitting tools supporting the Ampleye scleral lens, Art Optical has launched a new online calculator. Developed in partnership with the KATT Design Group, the Ampleye Initial Rx Lens Calculator is intended to assist fitters in determining the patients’ initial Rx lens parameters based on inputs from the diagnostic assessment process. The required data for input into the calculator should be collected from the on-eye assessment after the diagnostic lens has settled for 20-30 minutes. After noting which diagnostic lens was trialed on the patient, fitters will assess the central and peripheral clearance zones, as well as the limbal and scleral landing zones, along with noting the over-refraction and cylinder for input into the calculator. The resultant Ampleye lens specifications can then be ordered quickly and efficiently via Art Optical’s online order form or by calling the company.

The Ampleye Initial Rx Lens Calculator is not intended for use on follow-up visits or in determining lens adjustment requirements after extended settling. The Ampleye Initial Rx Lens Calculator can also be used as a tutorial to help fitters learn the types and degrees of adjustment that are typically altered in each individual zone of the Ampleye lens based on the diagnostic results.

According to Art Optical’s Consultation Department Manager Bethany Peebles, FAAO, NCLE-AC, the Ampleye Initial Rx Calculator further streamlines the diagnostic fitting and ordering process of the Ampleye scleral lens. “Our diagnostic set is already maximized to save chair time by incorporating toric haptics for improved fit predictability, and the consistent limbal and scleral landing zone construction means only one lens needs to be trialed for assessment,” stated Peebles. “Our calculator now makes determining initial lens parameters fast and easy as well, making the entire process extremely efficient with proven success,” she continued.

For additional information on Ampleye, or to access the new calculator, visit or or contact Art Optical at 1-800-253-9364.

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