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May 1, 2015

Art Optical Adds Proven OrthoK Design to Specialty Lens Portfolio

Art Optical is pleased to announce the availability of DreamLens, a proven, 4-zone reverse geometry design for overnight orthokeratology and myopia management. DreamLens is an FDA-approved design option using the Bausch + Lomb Vision Shaping Treatment (VST) process that is indicated for the temporary reduction of up to 5.00 diopters of myopia in eyes with 1.50 diopters or less of corneal astigmatism.

The DreamLens VST process features an advanced proprietary software program that analyzes topographical data, aids in initial lens selection and simplifies the fitting and ordering process. Utilizing the DreamLens design software, ECPs achieve first-fit success rates as high as 90% without the use of diagnostic lenses, according to DreamLens President, Dr. Thomas Reim. The web-based program allows practitioners the freedom to change any parameter, anytime, giving them complete control of the design.

“I am pleased to welcome Art Optical to the DreamLens manufacturing family,” said Dr. Reim. “Their expertise in custom contact lens manufacturing and recognition of the importance of myopia control in our patients is a valuable asset.”

Citing the modern rise of childhood myopia and marketplace demand for a simplified ortho-k prescribing and ordering process as motivation to become an authorized DreamLens manufacturing partner, Art Optical is eager to present DreamLens to their national customer base.

“For nearsighted kids and teens, the benefits of overnight corneal reshaping can’t be overlooked,” said Mike Johnson, FCLSA, Art Optical’s Director of Consultation Services. “It’s a safe, effective, reversible option that can truly improve the patient’s quality of life,” he continued. “All ECP’s should be aware of methods to manage myopia and DreamLens is an excellent option for this purpose.”

Falling in line with their high service standards, DreamLenses from Art Optical will be competitively priced, backed by a guaranteed fit program and manufactured and shipped within 24 hours of order. As with all FDA-approved corneal reshaping designs, DreamLens training and certification is required prior to prescribing. Additional information can be found at the company website,, or by contacting Art Optical at 1-800-253-9364.

About Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc.
Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc. is an independently owned and operated company serving ophthalmic professionals world-wide with custom contact lenses made to exacting standards for the correction of refractive errors including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia, as well as the management of a broad array of irregular corneal conditions. Originally founded in 1931, Art Optical is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is widely recognized as a world-leader in the design, production, and application of custom contact lenses.

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